What will it “Bee”? A baby gender reveal party.

Our house is all a buzz with the news of our small family going from two to three. My husband, Aaron, and I are expecting our first child. And what better way to celebrate our new bundle of joy, than to throw a “Gender Reveal” party to share with our family and friends. Gender reveal parties is a new trend for parents to share the news of “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” to family and friends.

What will it “Bee”? was an adorable theme that I found while scouring the internet for gender reveal parties, and I was smitten with the wonderful color scheme of black, white, and yellow.

What Will It Bee? Invitation

I created this invitation on photoshop and printed it at FedEx Kinkos. The invite was printed in two pieces: the top scalloped piece and the bottom yellow damask pattern. I cut out the scalloped piece, wrapped the bottom piece with grosgrain ribbon and secured the scalloped piece to the top. I also created envelope liners with the yellow damask pattern to add an additional pop to the invitation.

What will it Bee? Signs

Guests were greeted with What will it Bee? signs posted in my planters out front.

Paper Wreath

I made a paper wreath with the party’s theme, for only $3, using kraft paper I had on hand, printables I created for the party, hot glue, and a wire wreath frame.


Instead of a guest book, I had guest make their predictions. They signed their name on a boy bee or girl bee and pin them under GIRL or BOY. Of course the grandparents-to-be already knew the gender so they did try and throw people off. The backdrop was made from strips of torn fabric in the party’s color scheme.


At the plates and utensils table, I had a chalkboard with one of my favorite baby verses on it along with our baby’s first sonogram picture when our baby was just the size of a raspberry.

Paper Rosettes

A paper rosettes collage decked the back wall of the dining room behind the food table. Here is a tutorial on how to make these paper rosettes.

Paper Straws

And what party isn’t complete without paper straws. I love adding this little detail to the party.


The cake was an amazing creation by Alese’s Cake Creations. The top tier was milk chocolate and the bottom was vanilla all with vanilla butter cream icing. Top was adorned with a Daddy & Mommy Bee and of course a Baby Bee.

Food Table

On the food table we food labels attached to pieces of coordinating ribbon. Flanking either side of the table we had two bouquets of gladiolas that we on sale at our grocers that morning for only $5 total. Wow, I love a great deal that takes you by surprise! I made the ruffled table cloth from 12 yards of muslin. For the ruffles I ripped the pieces of muslin and left unhemmed.


Lemonade ~ Pineapple Joritos
Cheese & Crackers Tray ~ Veggie Tray with Ranch, Southwest, and Chive Dip ~ Fruit Tray with Cinnamon Pecan Dip (see recipe)
We made a variety of freshly pressed paninies ~ Spinach Sausage Quiche & Spinach Quiche (made from the eggs used for the confetti reveal) ~ Chips
Alese’s Cake ~ Variety of Cookies

And how did we announce the gender? … With confetti eggs of course. I wish I could have gotten a picture of our family and friends as we broke the eggs filled with glitter and confetti. We had only told the soon-to-be grandparents the gender so the rest of our family and friends had no idea, and it was wonderful to see everyone’s reaction to the exciting news.

Confetti Egg

Vendors and Credits:

Cake – Alese’s Cake Creations

Paper Straws – Shoppe 3130

Invitations and Printables – Graphically Charming (Myself)


8 thoughts on “What will it “Bee”? A baby gender reveal party.

  1. such a good idea! I’m so glad I got to come, it was too cute! I wish I would have brought the camera so I could have given you some pics of everybody!! photography fail! so cute!!

  2. THIS IS TOO CUTE! Congrats on your bay-BEE girl! 🙂 I’m so glad I found your blog…I love when people blog about their own parties!

    Did you make those confetti eggs yourself?

    • Thank you! We did make the confetti eggs ourselves. My husband and mother in law did the night before (raw eggs and pregnancy don’t really mix well). We mixed shredded pink paper, pink glitter, and a small bag of baby girl confetti. It was a blast breaking them, and a HUGE mess outside.

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