How to make Paper Rosettes

For our Gender Reveal Party, I created a backdrop for the food bar of paper rosettes.  I needed something that would add the colors and patterns of the party with out adding a huge extra cost. For this center piece I used around 50 paper rosettes in various papers and sizes. I also added some white dollies and used my circle craft punches to add some embellishments to a few of the rosettes.

What You Need To Make One Paper Rosette

  • Two sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper (I use plain copy paper for the tutorial, but I have also used scrapbook paper and cardstock as well to create the rosette wall for the Gender reveal party). *Tip: if you want decorated paper print out a pattern and use that instead of purchasing scrapbook paper!
  • Glue Stick or Hot Glue Gun (if you are using paper heaver than regular copy/printer paper, I recommend using the hot glue gun)
  • Scoring Board (I used Martha Stewart’s Crafts Scoring Board)
  • Edge punch (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Doily Lace Edge Punch) or Scissors

Lay your paper landscape on the scoring board, so that the length of the paper is going across the top of the board. Then began scoring your paper on the marks as follows: .75, 2.25, 3.75, 5.25, 6.75, 8.25, and 9.75. If you are using copy/printer paper be careful not to press down too hard, as you will tear the paper. (I did this a few times).

Then flip you paper over so you began scoring on the opposite side of the paper. But make sure that the scoring marks you have already made still line up on the .75 and the 2.25. Now began scoring on the 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 10.5. Now repeat the first two steps with the other sheet of paper. Now you have all the paper scored.

Accordion fold the two sheets of paper.

Then open back up and place the paper portrait on the scoring board and score a line down the middle (at the 4.25 mark).

Then if you wish to add some detail to your rosette you can cut a shape on the ends or use a paper punch going up and down the long ends of the paper.

Now you have two accordion folded and edge punch sheets of paper.

Tightly accordion fold up one sheet of paper and glue on one of the folded over ends.

Then fold the accordion in half on the side that you placed the glue so that you create a half circle rosette. Repeat with the other sheet of paper.

Now glue the straight folded edge on each half circle and press the two half circles together.

Wait your almost done. Now for some reason the two half circles like to pull apart.

So on the last folds of each half circle glue a dab in the center of each fold and press together.

Ta-da! you now have a paper rosette. You can add embellishments by adding a craft punch circle in the middle or a lace doily on the back, or stacking a few rosettes of different sizes. The possibilities are endless. I also made a wreath with smaller rosettes!

Paper RosettesPaper Wreath

Please let me know if you have any questions on this, it is my first tutorial to write!


5 thoughts on “How to make Paper Rosettes

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  2. Hello! Your rosettes are beautiful! I am planning to do this for a party but I can’t seem to figure out the more secure way to put them on a wall without having to use nails or thumbtacks. I have read that I can stick them on a poster board but how do I glue the rosettes and be sure that they won’t fall off during the party? I want to pile them on top of one another but not necessarily use a string to hang it like a banner. Any tips? Thank you!

    • Mona,
      I just used thumbtacks on the wall for mine… but if you went the posterboard route I would suggest hot glue for sticking them on the board. I have a feeling that other glues wouldn’t hold up to the weight of the paper.

  3. Hi thanks for the great tutorial! Wondering how you attached them to the wall. I can’t find the info anywhere. Can I use double sided tape?

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